Owens Corning Antique Silver 40yr
Low Profile R-Panel 30yr. Paint Warranty
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Vail Titan Select 26ga. Copper Print
Metal Shingles
They  are offered in various styles to imitate
slate, wood shake and concrete tiles.  
We offer a variety of metal
shingles for the home owner
looking to change their roof only
Also offered with crystals  to give
the appearance of traditional
architectural shingle with a
granulated coating!!!
Modifield Bitumen
for low sloped roofs
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Shreveport, LA 2006
Certainteed Modified Bitumen
Peel & Stick gives a clean
look and seals completely
throughout.  **No Bleed
Metal Panels
  • Standing Seam
  • R-Panels
  • U-Panels
R-panels and U-panels are your most
economical product for residential metal
roofing. Offered in 26 colors with paint
warranties ranging from 5yrs. to 30yrs.
Custom Bilt 1.5 in 16oz Copper
Standing Seam is a concealed fastener
panel system that has been used for years.  
It offers the best protection against leakage
because everything is usually seamed
together creating a water tight seal.!!!!
Copper Standing Seam
Houston, TX  July 2003
Berridge Cee-Loc Panel
Installed with continuous cleat and hooked at the eave!!!
Berridge Cee-Loc Panel in Terra Cotta
March 2007
This Berridge Cee-Loc was installed with a
continuous 24ga cleat also supplied by
Berridge.  The panel is hemmed at the eave
to allow for hooking.  Below shows the vinyl
strip, factory inserted by Berridge to give  
water tight seal.  It is installed over #30 felt.