Owens Corning Terra Cotta 40yr.
DL Metal Work, L.L.C.
Consulting, Flashing, Roofing
This was a very difficult job!!
View from top looking down!!
Vail-Sedona Rust(valley & ridge)
Everything hand cut,hand nailed, over #30 felt
Very Dangerous Job
The photos on this page are photos of jobs done by DL Metal Work, L.L.C. and
its' personnel.  All jobs are private residences and state their city and state
and product installed.
Private Residence
Smithsville, TN
October 2006
Roof scaffolding was needed to
work the 10/12 pitch and other
areas that led to a 100' drop off.
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The builder kept safety in
mind by having a 4/12 pitch
area below a 10/12 pitch
roof area.
20yr. 3-tab Desert Tan
Upgraded to 35yr. Atlas Heatherblend July 2006
Private Residence
Baton Rouge, LA
40yr. Elk Grande' Antique Slate
Private Residence
Baton Rouge, LA
October 2006
Both power vents were removed
and shingle over ridge vent was
installed.  All accessories were
painted black to hide in the
Elk Grande 40yr. 8" Exposure
When you look at a new roof, you should see, straight valleys, crisp ridges, straight shingle
application and flashing and accessories that are pleasing to the eye.  That detail goes a long way
in allowing your home to be beautiful.  **A ROOF IS NOT JUST FOR PROTECTION**
Vail Metal Shingle Storm Gray
Classic Colonial Red Metal Shingle
Certainteed Modified Torch Down
Private Residence
Diamondhead, MS
Private Residence
Gonzales, LA
Private Residence
The North Shore, New
Orleans, LA
Atlas Pinnacle 35yr. Heatherblend
Owens Corning 40yr. Terra Cotta
Mueller Inc. R-Panel installed over open framing with zac cap screws.
Mueller Inc. 1-1/4" R-Panel 26ga.
Jeanerette, LA  March 2007
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