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We pride ourselves in installing quality custom metal roofs.  Our metal
systems are ordered for a particular project, not in general cuts.  Whether it's
exposed fastner systems to concealed fastner systems, we can
cover you.
This is a low profile R-Panel in Patina Green.  It is installed on the Diversion Canal in Sorrento Louisiana.  It is installed with a 3/8 hex head #14 screw 2.5
Whether it would
be standing
seam, metal
panels or metal
shingles, DL Metal
Work can cover
you.  Our staff is
knowledgable and
are career roofers
in various types.
This U-Panel gives a better look with profiles being 6
Mueller Inc. 26ga U-Panel
Mueller Inc. 26 ga R-Panel
Patina Green
Metal Panels R & U
Mueller Inc.

Standing Seams
*Cap Seam
*High Seam
*Snap Seam
*Cee-Loc w/vinyl strip
*Zee-Loc Panel
*Rustic Shake Shingle
McElroy Metals
*Meridian Panel
*Medallion I & II
Mueller Inc.
*CF Panel
We offer metal from nationally recognized
company's.  Their quality and experience is
unmatched.  Each is unique in what they
produce and the colors offered, but all have
the same high standards.  So, no matter the
project, one of these company's can surely
meet your needs!!
This is Muellers' CF [concealed fastner panel] in 26ga.  The color is Sunset Red and it is installed with J-Closure along the ridge and headwall on the upstairs portion which is not visible in this photo.  J-closure allows for a tight closure but requires very accurate measurements.
Mueller CF Panel 26ga. in Sunset Red
Mueller Inc. CF Panel Sunset Red
Mueller CF Panel Close Up
This is McElorys Meridian Panel in 26ga.  It comes with an energy star rating for coolness.
McElroy Metals Meridian Panel in 12" width.
This panel is installed with z-closures and
required no screws along the 90' of ridge.  
It's color is ash gray but comes off mostly
as a Light Stone.  This panel is in 26ga.
Meridian Panel Installed with cleat in the valley and Z-closure along the ridge line.  The only exposed fasners are the ones on the Gable Trim
This panel was used as a vertical siding.  Special trim was designed to cover the cut edges.  This shoes the versatility of metal
Click on this photo for a closer view.  This panel has striations which gives it its' architectural look and also adds strength because of the bends.
This Meridian panel from metal mart offers
a 30yr kynar paint finish and an affordable
concealed fastner system.  Comes
standard 26 gauge and thicker.
Metal Mart Meridian Panel.  26 ga
with striations.
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